PDP 2.0

PDP 2.0

21 Jan 09:00 - 25 Jan 17:00 - Monrovia
Monrovia, Liberia


PDP 2.0 is going to cater to 600 students between age 14 and 25. LAR and NVTI going to host a week long workshops based on the below pillars:
- Personal Hygiene
- Self Awareness
- Financial Management

The estimated budget for this project is 20,000.00 euros! To raise this amount, the members of LAR will initiate various activities in 2018.

One of these activities is the "Run for Education". Mr. C. Fissibue (Chairman LAR) is going to run a complete marathon during this year NN Marathon in Rotterdam. You are therefore kindly ask to contribute, by making a donation per kilometer covered.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please drop a message or contact us at the below email address. Thanks in advance for your contributions and the time taken.

email address: info@lar2009.org

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